Thursday, July 2, 2009

Search String of the Day for 7/2/09

I could probably post about two or three of these per week. They'd probably all be entertaining. I'm still always a little bit awed at how a search string for "Sluts Packin' Nuts #2" can redirect to something like my liveblog of Glenn Beck and the April 15th Tea Parties, but for the most part the novelty has worn off. Not because the searches and their connection, somehow, to text aren't intrinsically fascinating, but because I realize that I will never understand.

The internet is its own beast now, operating via its own inscrutable yet somehow still perfectly valid wisdom. We can either join the stream or wait for its surge to pulverize us. This is something we all must accept.

Still, I have to admit, I'm strangely honored that this redirected someone here. I would instantly read any article whose headline read, "Dead Yuppie Was Sodomized," and while I'm squeamish about going through those Google results, I have to confess some disappointment that I'm not looking at such a story right now. I'm even sort of upset at myself for not having written it. But it's the internet. I will never know. This too shall pass.

Also, since this isn't a very long entry, enjoy this picture: