Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Matlock: The Sickest Beat You're Gonna Hear Today

I hate just posting Youtube videos because it seems so lazy. "Here. Media. Go look." I like to figure out where it came from and if you can find any more stuff like it. Unfortunately, I got nothing. I don't know if the person who uploaded this to Youtube even created it himself; his user profile doesn't contain any links to any other useful information, and his other videos are nothing like this one. In the end, it doesn't really matter, aside from the disappointment of not being able to hear more stuff like this.

Regardless, this is the sickest beat you're gonna hear today:

I did find this jungle remix version by a different guy, but it's got less oomph to it and feels like someone responding to that first video (this one was uploaded about 14 months later) by trying to stake claim to whatever creative territory the first one left unexplored. It does a little more but isn't as much fun — unless you really like jungle. In that case, it probably rules.

Courtesy of the apparently completely awesome father of my favorite Mysterious Benefactor comes this MP3 version of the first remix:

Now you too can roll mad deep in your Camry, hittin' them iPod switches to queue up your favorite geriatric TV show remixes.