Sunday, February 26, 2012

GAWKER: Rich-Guy Marionette Slapfight

My first piece wasn't a catastrophe, so the good people at Gawker allowed me to keep going. That looks to be the norm from here on out. (More below the pic.)

This time, I wanted to talk about how bizarrely satisfying it is to watch the Republican primary surrogacy developing via individual billionaire sponsorships. It is, of course, a horrendous development for democracy, and exactly the sort of thing we don't want to see happen. But if we are fated to be kicked around by bored people with lots of money who feel like buying a presidency, at least we've been blessed with an incredibly entertaining version of that fate, via a bunch of weird old coots.

Once again, Jim Cooke was kind enough to whip up a fun piece of original artwork for my article. His contribution is actually much larger than this, but I've cropped it down a bit, to feature the man whose think tank I recently joined. Click on Foster Friess to continue to the Gawker article:

I should be contributing to Gawker for the foreseeable future, under the recurring column tag of "America's Screaming Conscience." This unfortunately means the end for my weekly appearances at Vice, since the focus of the two columns is so similar that it felt like a conflict of interest. My decision certainly shouldn't reflect poorly on Vice; unless you mean the general concept of vice, like "greed" or "pride," in which case maybe it does. My co-workers like David Roth and Kate Carraway were awesome, as was my editor, Harry Cheadle. What I'm saying is, go get a job there yourself already, or just read their stuff.


  1. I was wondering when this would happen. My sincere congratulations. I hope you get the traffic you deserve. I will feel a little better about the fact that I read Gawker if you're over there. But I hope you don't change at all. Stay gold, Ponyboy.

  2. Ahaha, thanks. It's a really interesting challenge, so keep your fingers crossed. I'm definitely planning on writing here quite a bit more. Unfortunately, I've just gotten sick as hell lately, had to travel and then had parts of my house gutted and remodeled, so I haven't been able to settle into a routine and have kind of looked like I abandoned this place.

  3. I know you've been gone, I check this site almost every day. :)

  4. "oh im uh..." *looks around at old tv smashed in corner, piles of garbage, family of raccoons tucked in the closet, seen reflected in the cracked vanity* "...remodeling." *crushes can, tosses onto pile* *belches*


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