Monday, February 6, 2012

VICE: Ron Paul, Hacked to the White-Supremacist Bone

In the last two weeks, we've learned from Ron Paul's own former staffers that he was fully aware and in control of his own newsletter operation. That removes the desperate Paulestinian rationalization that somehow millions of dollars worth of racist newsletters were sold for decades without Ron Paul's awareness.

"But, that was in the 1990s!" counter Paul fans. And there another inapplicable, inapposite and unpersuasive argument might have lain, if it weren't for a recent hack by members of Anonymous, who exposed connections between Ron Paul and white-supremacist groups. Connections that exist today, rather than back in 2008. As if there were a freshness date on courting racism. As if there were a time-stamp on being worthless.

Click the wrinkled, lecturing, race-baiting goblin to read more at Vice:

For more on Ron Paul, in order:


  1. Man, those Paul cultists in the Vice comments never cease to amaze. And "cultist" is definitely the word--they have allowed their identities to be utterly subsumed by their perceptions of Paul as some sort of infallible god-king, THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE THE REPUBLIC!!!, and thus any attack on Paul must therefore be motivated by sheer, implacable malice. The more fact-based it is, the harder they have to hit back so as to be able to preserve their vision of the man and thus their self-identities.

    It's REALLY FUCKING WEIRD, is all I'm saying.

  2. so, in the embedded photo of doctor paul, if you cover his brow and jaw with your finger...
    *BAM* tommy lee jones. directed by m night shyamalan.

  3. cool libertarian guyFebruary 7, 2012 at 1:43 PM

    Chron Paul 42012

    edit:my captcha was 'shills'? on this blog, Mr Destructo? makes you think


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