Wednesday, February 1, 2012

VICE: Let Us Now Pity Famous Men

Despite Romney's decisive win in Florida, this GOP contest is far from over. Gingrich could net serious support in the primaries in former Confederate states, which can push his delegate count high enough to lock the GOP nomination into an endless death match. Which means, of course, that American voters are guaranteed at least one more month of listening to Newt and Mitt each declaiming louder than the other than they are more sinned against than sinning, more the whipped and resented faithful stepchild of America.

And there you have it: one man who's in the top 0.0006% in this country, and another one who just got a $10 million gift from a fan, each claiming that he's more oppressed.

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  1. I don't get the whole drive to paint oneself as the greatest victim. Why would I want to vote for somebody who is completely unable to overcome their role as victim?

    1. the candidates have confused being a scrappy, likeable (incredibly wealthy) underdog with being a big, whiny baby


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