Thursday, March 1, 2012

GAWKER: Michigan, Home of Nothing

The predictive ability of presidential campaigns has been thrown out of kilter by a front-runner who can't win two contests in a row and challengers who can't win more than one on a weekly basis. Michigan didn't clarify anything. Reading meaning from Michigan is like trying to divine a source from the dust storm ejected by a Shop-Vac while politely pretending that nobody brought a device that farts anything.

Click on the Mitt & Rick cuddlebears to be taken to the Gawker article.

Thanks again to Jim Cooke for the excellent image you can see in whole by clicking the above.


  1. Wow, dude.

    I read this yesterday, and didn't even realize it was penned by you until just now after skimming some of it again.

    You're on a roll... keep it up.

    And the Rikishi reference was ridiculous. Good stuff.

  2. Mr. Seko:

    I was recently perusing one of Thomas Sowell's masterpieces and it occurred to me: I haven't seen you lambaste him in a while.

    Can we look forward to more of that soon?


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