Thursday, March 29, 2012

GAWKER: The Sad Familiarity of Trayvon Martin

The same week that the Trayvon Martin story finally broke into the national consciousness also saw NYPD officers dislocating protesters' thumbs and smashing heads into windows in yet another scouring of Occupy groups. Automatic contempt for certain people and styles of dress, as well as assumptions of their unlawful conduct is neither restricted to the south nor any race. But that isn't why what happened to Martin is so familiar. That familiarity has its roots in Florida's Stand Your Ground laws as well as an incident that happened years ago in Texas.

Click on the gun-wielding thug to continue to the Gawker article.

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  1. My gosh the comments on Gawker are disturbing. How dare you bring race into a racially motivated killing? For shame. Don't you realize that rednecks should be able to hunt minorities without fear of being called a racist? You see there are a million technical differences between all of those cases. For instance, one was on a Sunday and the other was on a Tuesday so therefore it invalidates your point times infinity.


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