Thursday, March 8, 2012

GQ: Seven Minutes in Heaven, Six Hours with CNN

One of my handlers at GQ — a stern but humane gentleman who obeys the law — had an idea: if CNN has been this bad during the rest of the campaign (and it has), then it's going to be a spangly, exploding abortion on Super Tuesday. And ordinarily, he'd be correct. Only, this time, against all odds, something went right with CNN.

Still, there were mistakes and weirdness. Virtual conventions? Yeah. Gloria Borger. Oh, Lord, yeah. Bad riffs, telescoping simulacra and gleeful invocations of Taco Bell? GIMME A HELL YEAH.

Click on the Stone Cold Wolf Blitzer below for a liveblog of six hours of CNN Super Tuesday coverage.


  1. You remind me of the old pseudonym-prone eXile columnist John Dolan/Gary Brecher ("The War Nerd.") He largely stopped writing a while back (like 2008-09) so I actually thought you might have been him.

    Especially your last Gawker column looked sort of like a "War Nerd" column.

  2. Fun fact about Josh Foust, whom you referred to in the column about the Afghanistan murders: He's the former adviser to the Prime Minister's office who was responsible for sexing up the Downing Street Memo and taking the UK into the Iraq War. The press in Britain has vilified him (rightly) and he's completely unemployable there for that reason. I've got a meeting with him and someone else from ASP tomorrow, actually. Should be interesting.

  3. never mind. josh foust didn't sex up the downing street memo. paul hamill sexed up the downing street memo. i met with both of them today and was apparently out to lunch yesterday on which is which. both quite personable, for what it's worth.

    anonymity! it saves you embarrassment.

    anyway, you know, feel free to not publish either of these comments.

    anonymity! it makes name-dropping less fun.


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