Thursday, March 8, 2012

GAWKER: Andrew Breitbart's Dead

Good. General Ze'evi and I take a moment to look back comprehensively on a life that the media either mistakenly, squeamishly or warily summed up as mostly benign. You know, one or two regrettable bits, but otherwise a gauzy, sunny family portrait — like what Madison Avenue thinks wheat and beaches look like when you're menstruating.

Click on the dead fraud's impression of John Lithgow from Third Rock from the Sun to be taken to the article.


  1. I don't watch a lot of CNN, MSNBC or Fox, because those channels are just awful.

    I do read blogs like this, making fun of silly right-wing columnists. The stuff Breitbart and his pals wrote was always so blatantly idiotic that I was actually frightened when the Sherrod thing happened. He's not just a joke on the internet? Actual people listened to this clown? It was like learning that the President had appointed the Hamburgler as secretary of defense.

    I've since found out that other shrieking lunatics like Pam Gellar and Michelle Malkin sometimes get on TV too.

    I hope to god Breitbart was a good father, because he sure did his part to make things shittier for the rest of us.

  2. Man, that comment section on Gawker went off-track really quickly. "Bill Maher does some stuff which is sort of like what Breitbart did. Bill Maher is a bad man. Therefore, we shouldn't say anything bad about Breitbart. Liberal media."

  3. "Nixon couldn't have used these punks as anything but Cambodian cannon fodder."

    This is simply perfection. Because it's the truth.

    Good work... good fucking work.

    Breitbart shouldn't be given a free pass because he died. He was a terrible symptom of our terrible political climate. He was the embodiment of so much that is wrong. Fuck him.

  4. Your articles are un-American and disgusting. It's appalling that people with your hatred are allowed to publish. You are exercizing your right to free speech given to you because you live in a free country, but you are abusing that right with the garbage you print.

  5. Oh, man, this is one of those times it really would've been lucky if the WAR EAGLE had founded a site like


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