Saturday, November 5, 2011

VICE: 'Herman Cain: Gaffer Credit'

The good people at, or at least one of them, asked me to start writing for them about the politics and the goings on and things these days. It's exactly like being Andy Rooney, except with a bigger word count, more facts and hundreds of thousands of dollars less. Although, as was the case with Andy, being concerned about what I think also portends senescence and death.

Because he's been dominating the news cycle lately, I was asked to share a few words about Herman Cain, who's doing his damnedest to create the political version of Napoleon's march from Moscow. Click the Herm below to be taken to Vice:

A "Part II" may follow next week, depending on how Cain and his supporters in the GOP punditry respond to the deepening allegations of his sexual improprieties.


  1. Wow the comments on the article over there are dumb. Congratulations on the new gig though.

  2. Awesome news man... old reader from waaay back ;)

    And like Filthy said, it's unfortunate that half the comments on the site are idiotic at best.

    It's also hilarious that Mike McKee is lambasting you as a journalist... a journalist that pens his work as Mobutu. Hilarious.

  3. Well, all poor Mike can really do is get huffy about journalistic standards because getting that angry about political ones would result in acknowledging that his party thinks someone as thunderfuckingly retarded as Herman Cain just JUST WHAT AMERICA NEEDS. Also, I don't know how you get huffy about "journalism!" and snarkiness on an urban-culture snark site with a daily DOs and DON'Ts update and articles on masturbating.

    Anyway, glad you're happy about the news. The Vice people have been really cool so far, and it's been fun having a reason to tailor thinking and writing to an 800-word ceiling. Been a while since I've had to do that on the regular.

  4. You made the following critical oversights in writing your article: elections are scams.


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