Monday, November 21, 2011

CLASSICAL: Tim Tebow, Magical White Person

A few weeks back, I was invited to contribute to a sportswriting startup called The Classical. They liked an article idea I sent in, and rather than respond to an email asking me for a fuller outline, I ignored it for two days and instead submitted a complete and entirely unrelated thing about TIM TEBOW.

Click on the Football Jesus to be taken to The Classical:

Right now, The Classical exists only in preview format, but it should launch next month with full bells and whistles. For now, you should check out the roster of staff writers and Google and track down their back catalogues. It's a pretty fantastic group.


  1. Also, for the record, here's where you can find the source image for that Godawful Tebow cartoon, though God knows if the person who posted it there had anything to do with creating it, if the noticeable crops of the top of the thought bubble have anything to say.

  2. check out "mike"'s comment haha

  3. Ahaha yeah, that one's my favorite. Hey, some black journalists have already talked about this before, so, you know, problem solved! We can move on, now, because otherwise white people might become peevish about this topic.

    I also like the assumption that I must be a black columnist because of the name. I guess that means I'm also a dead columnist. For my next piece for The Classical, I'm gonna write under the name "Inside Mike's Mom."

  4. This link doesn't seem to work anymore, do you have an updated one?


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