Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Keep Us White

Last week, we, the good people of Et tu, Mr. Destructo?, were pleased to help launch the premiere of "O.T.P. (One Term President)," the debut rap of Wolverines, a group of people who probably doubled their number of faithful listeners when their case was assigned to a Secret Service agent.

The group took their name from the American insurgents in the delusional right-wing fantasy and unintentional comedy classic Red Dawn. This seems only fitting, because, as we explained, these people are homophobic, racist, loathsome and insane, on loan to freedom from World Net Daily, the internet's #1 resource for Birther conspiracies and trying to figure out how the Toyota recall fits into the bigger picture of America's takeover by the New World Order. These are also the sort of people who would grow a skullet, wear a black bandana, dye a handlebar mustache and spray paint "nWo" on people's backs to protest the NWO and think it makes sense.

As said, these people made a rap. It looks like they accidentally popped a game into their Xbox called "RAP HERO" and got confused because when they mashed buttons, black people were making music instead of getting blown away all tidy-like. If you asked them what "flow" is, they'd assume it had something to do with cleansing the lower 9th Ward. Unfortunately in rap there are consequences. One of them is that—unless you're Puffy—when you suck at it, people who know what they're doing get to use you as a punching bag. For instance, an MC might notice that:
Like it or not, hip hop clawed to prominence from a minority culture, and attempting to co-opt its sound to further an agenda that actively works against that same segment of America is ugly and brainless. Also, these kids rap like a fucking Fruity Pebbles commercial.
So in the interests of fairness, we'd like to turn the mic over to the MC who made that observation, Satellite High:

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All images in the video were either screencapped from "O.T.P." or taken from a Destructo article from last September, "White America's Inconvenience Tantrum, Part IV: The 9/12 Project—Building a Bridge to Nowhere with Fractions of Sense."