Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Computer Is Dead, Long Live My Computer

Due either to old age or just bad luck, my computer is broken. Thankfully it's still under warranty. However, I've been told that it will take between two to seven days to fix it, meaning that this site will be out of commission for at least that duration. While our other contributors could surely post updates of their own, they were not expecting to have to do so, nor do they share my taste or zeal for editing, creating accompanying graphics, and naked hucksterism. That said, I do have a 12-year-old computer. It would be fascinating to use it if only to figure out how much it manages to fuck up navigating the Internet. I'm also currently using a fun iPhone app called Dragon dictation, which is making the process of composing this on an iPhone much easier. Even if it does want to censor "fuck." I suppose you could say this is a case of a computer program having more taste than I do, but I prefer to think it's a case of a computer program's being a big pussy. In short, please don't be alarmed if we go silent for several days due to technical issues. Expect us back in early April. However I might get antsy and just go ahead and use this dictation program or an older computer to tell the amazing tale of a 20-year-old at a restaurant tonight who apparently decided that being "dressed up" meant looking at a Lou Bega album cover and trying to reassemble it via whatever was in the closet.