Sunday, March 28, 2010

What to Watch Tonight (3/28/10)

AMISH GRACE (Sun, 8 p.m.)
Williams-Paisley stars as Grace, a goodly housewife who witnesses a horrifying act of Amish-on-Amish violence, when a rogue teen enters a one-room schoolhouse and opens fire with a blunderbuss, sharding three. Because the killer comes from her community, he knows where to find her. Enter Detective Rena Brooke (Michael Michelle), who in order to protect Grace whisks her off to the big city in Philadelphia. But how will Grace blend in and elude her assassin? Three words: girls night out. Grace confronts the challenges of modern life while teaching Brooke some lessons about family. Be sure to stay through to the end and a thrilling pursuit in a pornography silo. ★★★★ (TV 14)


  1. That pic reminds me of this pic from a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet:

  2. If only I did not have to work, it looks so thrilling! Thank God for DVR!

  3. @JonW

    oh no if that robber pulls the trigger he's going to shoot himself


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