Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mild Resemblances and Your Political Images Update

Someone else noticed this:

And I noticed this:

These images come from artist Zina Saunders. There are several more at her website, and it's well worth the click to check the rest out.

Let's play house!

He told all his friends to go to hell because they didn't understand that what he and Johnny had was THE REAL THING, but when Johnny didn't pick him up for the dance, Joey was never the same again.

Count the stars. Count the stars. Count the stars.

FOX News: Hard Hitting.

This image hit the internet within 24 hours of Palin's selection as VP.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Just putting this here for those people who don't understand how a political cartoon gets put together.

Just in case you can't figure out the complex layers that separate sexism and sassiness. Feel free to try to explain how this works.

In fact, while you're at it, see if you can figure out how the "gender card" works:

Remember, this person speaks for the party of moral absolutism. Of right and wrong. Us vs. Them. Over the last three decades, they've taken every opportunity to pillory the democrats as morally-relativistic liberals with no sense of character, no spine, no resolution, able to flip flop to support the latest human indignities whenever necessary. Then remember that they've spent the last two years explaining how torture is perfectly acceptable depending on the context.

Also, then remember that McCain's such a stand-up moral guy about torture that he can't stop talking out of both sides of his mouth about it. Sure, he passed an anti-torture bull, but It was a complete reversal of his position in everything but name only. He proposed a principled bill that he knew would never get passed, thus making a show of bein' ol' straight-talkin' McCain again. But he also knew ol' straight-talkin' McCain would get blasted for being weak on terror (for being anti-torture) by every other GOP candidate in 2008 and thus made a compromise that removed everything from his bill but the odor of sanctity.

"Hmmm, the president has decided that these acts are necessary and not torture. I know the perfect way to put a stop to that! Giving him discretionary power over determining what constitutes torture! And that will get a bill passed that makes me look principled but also not afraid to bust a few ragheads! What a completely non-nauseating shitweasel compromise I've forged!"

It's duplicitous to even argue that giving the president interpretive power isn't torture when the president has already gone on record as interpreting torture to be whatever he wants it to be. Worse, we got to see a victim of torture score an utterly meaningless PR victory by capitalizing on the existence of other torture victims. McCain's anti-torture bill was a travesty. The only noble thing that could have happened to that bound and stapled stack of disingenuous shit would have been its getting recycled into millions of Arab take-out* menus.

* — This is an extraordinary rendition of a pun, by the way.

Wait. What's this?

Terrorist fist bump.

All of these should be real.

Not even slightly funny anymore.

Yessss. Do it. DO IT.

A joke like "I've drunk a soda and eaten a burger once, let me run the FDA" would be a hell of a lot funnier right now if it didn't describe the current FDA leadership's competency.