Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Come to Libertarian Paradise!

For a couple of weeks now, liberal bloggers have had numerous viral images at their disposal, lampooning The Nuge or Glenn Beck, which they've used in response to libertarian commentators shrieking about "socialism." But unfortunately, such tactics merely attack the messenger instead of the message. Even if both are equally noxious, focusing on the former gives the latter a free pass. Now, thankfully, there's just a Youtube video they can link to, that wraps everything up nicely.

What's more, libertarians probably shouldn't complain about the treatment. As the INFO section of this Youtube video provides, the whackjobs at the Von Mises institute — the nurturing ideological bosom for racist, insane and destructive shits like Ron Paul — have long advocated that there is truly a nation that dares to create on this earth the magical realm of Libertopia. They call it Somalia.

Poor political cartoonists: once again, with libertarians, they mistakenly assume that the most offensively stupid and lunatic thing they can imagine will satirize the libertarian perception of reality, instead of merely describing it.