Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Glitch

Since early morning yesterday, Blogger's suffered significant site problems, which has eliminated posts and post comments, caused account information to go missing and to change the names of post authors, often to random gibberish. It's made navigation difficult and shutdown reply functions.

In terms of Destructo-specific problems, it's claimed the life of a preview sending readers to a joint piece by Mark Brendle and me about Youtube's VEDA project, or, "Vlog Every Day in April." There's no need to rewrite the preview until it's obvious that the original piece can't be restored, so for the time being, please click here to go to "The Men and Women Without Quality" at

Lastly, the blogger glitch also claimed the life of both the graphics and the last 250 words or so of the second installment of "Idi Amin's Briefs Rodeo." Again, until it's certain that Blogger is unable to restore the data, there's no point in rewriting and tweaking things. So stay tuned over the weekend for its remarkable Lazarus-esque recovery or a rewritten version where the last two links have really bitter and impatient-sounding summaries. Either way, you should have some good links to pick through on a lazy and (if you people are who I think you are) hungover Sunday.

Whoops, looks like the Something Awful preview article appeared again. This is like when people claim that the Mary Celeste loomed at them, from out of a fog, in the Bermuda Triangle. Only I assume that the article itself doesn't suffer nearly as much weevil-infested food, corporal punishment and sodomy.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry you guys had the trouble...

    Anyway, I kind of want there to be a video facet to Et Tu. I could totally work out impressions of your prestigious authors and have their articles read by puppet representatives. It would help me to stay on task while reading them. It would really bring them to life for a whole sub-target demo of people with learning disablitlies like me!

    Anyway, it wouldn't have to be every day in a month. Just whenever something tragic about our civilisation seems extra puppety.


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