Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Is the Shittiest Video You'll See Today

I loathe just linking videos and telling you, "Hey, you, go look at that." It's cheap. It's not really incisive or fun. It tells you to take your interest in whatever I had to offer and switch it to something else immediately. Because the something else is better. This is not. This is what happens when the Internet gets hold of something beyond its ken. This is some stupid, stupid shit.

I love the internet. I love the new things it brings, and I try to roll with the stupid shit that it brings. You could only make this video if you have zero idea what its music is about. You have to be about 15 and terminally retarded and think that PICTURES = STORY. You have to think this is a narrative about some innocuous nothing, divorced from text and its historicity. This infantilizes good rock and roll, and this infantilizes history. If you watch this video and accept its narrative, you are already far behind the human race. This is what makes the internet suck.