Saturday, December 19, 2009

Totally Important Announcements

Just a couple of notices and acknowledgements as we head into the big familial- and travel-related headache that is Christmas. Just as an aside, I wrote at least a third of this while in gridlock in a parking lot just trying to get at a Bed Bath and Beyond. I wasn't there for Christmas value: I just wanted a goddamned meat thermometer so I could cook a roast for Christmas dinner. Anyway:

Feed Stuff:
A couple of people sent in emails complaining about the feed. Apparently about four articles in a row never posted to their RSS or Google Readers. So far as I can tell, nothing is going wrong on this end. I checked back through Feedburner and through this site's settings, then posted a couple of test articles, and everything worked fine. I was going to suspect user error until I ran into some other people complaining about publishing outages on Blogger and strange irregularities in Gmail. Since Feedburner is part of the same family, I figure they were having similar issues.

Naturally, after about two days of looking into this stuff whenever I had a free moment, the people who'd emailed me sent me an update letting me know that all the older articles had suddenly posted to their feed. So I'm going to assume the problem is solved. If it's not, post here or click on my profile and say something. But, going forward, I will just assume that this feed address is working perfectly.

Content Stuff:
Many apologies for the slower update schedule this month. In the hopes of having something like a normal Christmas with family and time to see friends, everyone here has been killing themselves to get things done before the holiday. I've been sunk in ugly media trying to get all reading/writing done in time to travel; Mr. Awesome has been swamped with law; Kin Jong-Il got promoted and suddenly has to account for 11 people, other than himself, going on vacation. Meanwhile, other sometime-contributors are starting new jobs, new documentaries or just taking college finals (neerrrrrrrrrrddd!!!!!). Hopefully all of us will want to escape family long enough to bang out some funny short story about how awful family is.

Also, I'm crossing my fingers that this guy (who turned me on to these videos) will throw down with some stuff for this year's update to Things I Want to Do When I Grow Up. No guarantees, or anything, but try to stay positive.

Since I probably won't have the time to say so on the day in question: Merry Christmas. With the way the war on it is going, there won't be one next year. Thanks a bunch, Hitler.