Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rogue Member of 'Mr. Destructo' Now on 'Anime Jihad'

Because of the extensive use of aliases and subtle internet doublespeak, we have no way of knowing which member of Et tu, Mr. Destructo's esteemed staff has gone all American/Congolese/Ugandan/Korean-taliban on the internet's ass, but we do know that someone affiliated with this site has joined His clever poké-de-nom prevents us from assuming anything other than he (or she) is named "Al-Qaedansen."

From what anyone can gather, the administrator of the site is one Mahmoud Animejihad. This seems to be corroborated by the use of Google Translate, which renders his Japanese mission statement:
Konichiwa, someone who likes anime! Welcome to immediately
For anime news and reviews, the # 1 source. My name is Mamoud.
I will be hosting this blog. There are many things that are not
Here and feel free to leave a few comments yet! Oh, and please

Until we again meet
Apparently Mr. Animejihad has no compunction about kidnapping, brainwashing and radicalizing otherwise peaceful, excellent and talented writers from other websites. Anime might be a religion of pacific-rim pussies, but it spins out of control on the internet into a culture of hate and expropriation. Just look how they take our beautiful white women's big tits and put them on tiny Asian women. Or just look at how they take our beautiful big-titted white women and put tiny Asian men in them. Revolting.

As said, this expropriation has extended to one of our own writers, who's penned a piece over there entitled "Arrested Development Show - Best in History," featuring this paragraph:
The style is unmistakable. Was anyone else doing this level of groundbreaking thinking about the television show Arrested Development? If you don't believe me, try Google Translate and see what I mean. We hope to have our own translators working on a more supple and idiomatic rendering soon.

For now, the only thing I can ask from our readers is that they engage in the swift, retributive and absolute destruction of this other website. We can ill afford to let people with these attitudes and values and lack of respect for others to continue to exist.