Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Comments Pop Quiz Time!

I was inspired by three or four posts I saw copied and pasted on a message board and decided to poach them and compile some others for this.

Okay, here's the trick. Read all the quotes below. All you have to do is figure out which quotes come from Stomfront.org, the internet's #1 white supremacist site and which ones come from mainstream conservative message boards. (All bold emphasis mine.)

Can I be serious for a minute? I know I joke, jest, and goof around, but what I'm about to say I'm am serious as a heart attack. I'm worried about some of our Forum member aka Real Conservative Americans that live in the cities, live in liberal lands, and our young people who are Conservative but going to Liberal Colleges. I just pray that you are all ready, stocked up, and have supplies on hand. I know Anita as well as others live in NY, and other cities, and I'm afraid if O loses it will get very very ugly out here. It will be the time when the likes of Rev. Wright, Jessie Jackson, and others come out to incite the blacks into a racial war. So please take care and be safe. We love you all, and our Country needs you as well as CF Forum, so please just stay aware of your surroundings, and stock up.

I'm glad I got out of the People's Socialist Republic of Madison earlier this year due to starting a wonderful new job. At least here in the Milwaukee area there are plenty of McCain-Palin signs around.

Lets join together and prove the polls wrong tomorrow. Can't wait to hear the Drive-Bys explain a McCain-Palin victory.

And if not, then you're right, CJ... May God protect us Conservatives from the Mess-I-uh, Barry Hussein Osama Obama.

I would Just absolutely love it if they would riot. I doubt it, most of the people voting for this Stalinist/fascist are too lazy to work and earn a living. I doubt they'd be able to gather up enough strength to get out of their Drug induced fog, up and out of bed to riot.

Although, I would just love a good fight with these bastards. I would even tie both hands behind my back and promise to take on 10 at a time to make it fair.

IMHO We are several steps *up* from the Libs, and if O wins we will handle it with class, and our 6 shooter.

Now, back on subject....I'm in Charlotte and live in a neighborhood full of democrats (unfortunately). I have been trying to sell for quite a while. Anyway, I get along with all of my neighbors but I also know when to keep quiet. I have a 2 year old so I have to think about him. I can't just run off at the mouth like I used to. I never thought about preparing for the worst until I joined this forum and read some of the comments. Then it dawned on me that it would be very smart to stock up in case there are riots etc. after the election.

I'm in a college in PA, and I haven't been quiet about what I believe. If someone comes looking for me, let 'em I say. They'll learn quickly what kind of man I am. They may not remember for long, but they'll learn

We can take care of ourselves quite nicely and if conditions warrant, are ready to leave this communist hellhole even if that means escaping with the shirts on our backs and starting over again.

The way I figure it, I showed up in this world with nothing but what God gave me and when I leave I’ll have what his son gave me. The rest is just stuff and sure I may have worked hard for it, it’s worthless without freedom.

As far as a random act of violence coming my way, that will suck, not for me but the perpetrator.

If you live in the N side of Milwaukee riots await. I was up there early summer and riots ensued just because someone had started rumors about food stamps, and that's insignificant compared to the 'One'.

It sounds like all of you are taking care of yourselves and getting done what must be. I gives me great pride in knowing all of you, as forum members, Conservatives, and people of God. I just worry about the cities and college campuses around this great land. Lock'm and Load'm SV, LOL Like I need to tell you that.

It is our conservative Supreme Court Justices we need to worry about.

Can you imagine the position they will be in!?

They will be led out to some woods and shot.

My wife just went to the store to get about a months worth of water and months worth of canned goods.

the ammo is already in the "dont dare get into a gun fight with me" state

The idea of an Obonga loss, however, is growing very dim... with the (expected) reports of voter intimidation already running rampant, I think it's safe to say that our nation has lost its spine and will hand over the Presidency to him just to avoid any "problems"......

I find it sickening. I find it absolutely outrageous that nearly half of our "fellow citizens' now support this marxist and his ideology.... He promises to seize the assets of the "evil big corporations" and they think he's going to dole it out to them and they are apparently quite content with this....

Each vote for Obonga is another person spitting on the graves of all of our brave men and women in uniform who have died to keep this nation free.....

What is even more sad is that I ran into a whole bunch of people at another "conservative" site that think this is funny,,, entertaining,,, cute,,, and they support it,,,,,,,

It is going to be a sad, sad day for the United States. I fear even worse than 9-11. At least 9-11 BROUGHT OUT WHAT MADE US GREAT......

We are now rolling over with nary a whimper to the demands of these radicals.... Not me, mind you,,, nor am I saying you,, but I'm of course talking about the collective nation as a whole...

osceola wrote on Today at 12:24pm
I guess in some of these populated black districts if you want to vote without being harassed you have come in singing the Osama Enlightment song.

Personally I hope someone guts these guys out and hangs them upside down in front to warn others.

osceola wrote on Today at 12:35pm
PhilliesFanPA wrote on Today at 12:32pm:
There is a difference between being conservative and being a flat out racist..
This sort of stuff does not belong on any forum other than StormFront
What part is racist?

PhilliesFanPA wrote on Today at 12:47pm
No.. Please explain

Explain to me how 10 black people or 10 white people represent an entire race..

Maybe you can convince me. Don't admit you're wrong so easily..

Snowbird wrote on Today at 12:50pm
Yea....we don't know if you are black, but we DO know you aren't a conservative.

Maybe a tin-foil hat wearing liberatarian troll........................but certainly NOT a Conservative.

Osama and his thugs want rioting in the streets and they will stop at nothing. James Carvelle said it weeks ago and the nobama campaign and their surrogates have been hinting at it since. They WANT trouble and I suspect they will get it if they push regular , NORMAL Americans enough.

This isn't even the TIP of the tip,,,,,,

I hate to say that we'll have to unfortunately suffer if he wins too, but all these supporters of Obonga are going to be in for one rude awakening here in short order.....

Call in the National Guard. Shoot ‘em.

What a great opportunity to take out two liberals!

Shoot first - ask questions later.

These are Obama extremist voters, and they are emboldened by his most recent polling.

Just think of what they will be like if Obama WINS....

Pick up more of the “third box of democracy”

Soap box
ballot box
ammo box

Sounds like Obama’s civil defense force was gotten their marching orders...

Just following orders to “get in their faces”

“Shoot first - ask questions later.”

Actually, there would be no need for questions since they’re acting in a threatening manner with weapons in hand.

Shoot them and step over their dead bodies.

Shoot the bastards.

“Reminds me of the “black white supremicist” on Dave Chappelle.

Funniest racial skit ever.”

that was DERN funny! Davel Chappelle is a hoot. I think the character’s name is Curtis and he’s blind and hates blacks! LOL

Have you seen the reparations skit he does where he’s the newscaster? All the blacks got their reparations checks and cashed them at the liquor store. The stock in KFC and FUBU were soaring! LOL

LOL and after he finds out he's black, he divorces his wife because "she's a ni**er lover!"

I am beginning to think that this is all a well-contructed plot by radical leftists to destroy America.

Win or loose, radical elements on the left and racists will be turned amok by the Castros, Chavez, Putin and the Arabs using Obama as the willing tool.

I told you they would turn my country into Zimbabwe overnight.

Of course, for a group of people for whom NO rules exist, could you expect anything better or different?

BTW, I thought this was NOT about race!

“ we are tired of white supremacists”

Yeah, they are everywhere. Along with the skinheads and neo Nazis.

Just ask the propagandists in Hollywood, which is probably the only way these these two race pigs learn about the world outside the ‘hood.

"Somebody tell these geniuses that their candidate is half white & watch their heads explode"
I'm white and I feel no racial affinity with a mulatto, I wonder why blacks do?

If Obama loses, there will be blood.

No matter who wins today, it will be a victory for the Communists, they try to foment chaos and anarchy.

They can make a McCain presidency a disaster, just like they’ve done with Bush.

We need to wake up and quit being used by the media, isn’t it amazing how only Republicans get tried and convicted. We need to know facts before we flush.

"They are NOT keeping the voting from taking place, they are letting the workers INSIDE vote with all the ACORN registered ballots."
This is EXACTLY what is happening.

Amen, let the bullets fly. Lotta good cops out there in America at least we still have them.

If we think this is exceptional now- wait until every future election if zero is installed

Zimbabweans must have trained these people in vote intimidation

Two black panthers? Call the zoo officials and take them back to their cages.
Oh, you mean those other black panthers...then give them lunch, cigarettes, and money for a bus ride home.

Either solution fits, you pick.

PRECISELY, and FNC is just as to blame as the mainstream media for ignoring this issue. They SHOULD be reporting on this all day long and pointing out that some on the left are tryign to suppress votes by intimidation. BUT because it is black people intimidating white voters, it gets barely a mention- a LOT of what Obama is connected with barely gets a metnion- but by golly, let’s spend millions of dollars investigating whether Sarah Palin had a trooper fired, or whther Scooter Libbey lied or not. Cripes- the MaINstream media is so stinking two faced it isn’t funny, and lately, FNC has been falling into that category as well- though not quite as bad as the MSM, they are beginning to really tuck their tails between their legs for fear of ‘upsetting’ the radical left- Pissed? You betcha I am- sorry fer the rant

Common thuggery doesn't require any training. Ten year olds do it effectively in the 'authentic' areas of the world. Chaos is the condition of least effort, and it's always the friend of tyrrany. It's a type of tyrrany itself. Allow these turds to win, and these methods will be used more often, and more widely to keep them in power.

BREAKING: Black Panthers Blocking Door At Polling Place In PA


BUSH should have had tough answers to the left when he had the support of the people but he didn’t...
It’s gonna get tough and hot! A strong Commander in Chief needed to handle the thugry and gather the true america in order to serve country AND values

Ahahaha, just kidding. None of those were from Stomfront. The first batch was from ConservativesForum.com — The #1 Conservatives Forum According to Google! — and the wildly popular "mainstream" conservative FreeRepublic.org!

So, which racist parts were just ironic and which were just good ol' white people stickin' up for their rights by fightin' against the REVERSE RACISM of the MSM? Was it the parts about Osama and Obonga stabbing the troops in the back? Or the parts about killing black people? Or how black people don't have jobs and look for any excuse to start a race riot to steal from people who actually earn things? Or was it immediately relating anything to Africa and animals? Or calling black people turds?