Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Youtube Doubler VIII: It's a Gusher!!!

I stopped making YoutubeDoublers a few months back. For one thing, my friend Robert's heart wasn't in it anymore, and if there wasn't anyone to compete against, the achievements seemed somehow hollow and unremarkable. For another, it seemed like every time I came up with a good one, Youtube would take down one of the videos that made it work. They even took down the instrumental loop of Grandmaster Flash's "The Message" which made it and the Unintelligible Empanada Truck the best YoutubeDoubler ever. The swines. You could watch that thing for ten minutes.

However, at the risk of seeing this Doubler similarly disabled in coming days or months, here's something inspired by my recent road trip along the Gulf Coast (click image to load):

Apologies to all with delicate sensibilities. RIP, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.