Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Is What Birthers Believe

I kinda wish there was a little more going on with this, because I feel like they dropped the ball on a couple of potential gags. The most obvious one to go for is the fact that they're plotting this in the early 1960s, designing a conspiracy for a black man to take over the United States at right around the same time whites were trying to flush them out of streets with fire hoses and the National Guard had to personally escort them to college. Granted, some birthers think this plot was only cooked up decades later, but enough believe in its creation from the very beginning to merit pointing it out. Nothing makes the farce of this Obama conspiracy plainer than the fact it was supposedly hatched at a point when it would seem most likely to fail.

Still, altogether it's a funny clip, and you can forgive them for skipping out on some digs for the sake of brevity. I'm sure if they'd covered every stupid idea birthers have, it would've been well over five minutes and in danger of losing the funny.

(H/T to my buddy Paul for finding this.)


  1. I love people but that in it's self is a double edged sword. I love people who like me and I love people who don't like me.
    I don't love people who voice the most idiotic brainless psuedo hypothesized theories because the people they already told got tired of listening.
    I don't love how those people get access to money driven media to covort their perverse mental depravities all over the news and internet.
    Oh but what a world, and I sure do love it.
    I especially love idiots!


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