Monday, March 23, 2009

Racist, Homophobic Piece of Shit 'Dishonored'

Ron Paul is the gift that doesn't stop giving, in ways you never expect.

If you'd asked me two years ago if Sascha Baron Cohen could have followed up Borat's riff on American racism with anything like success, I'd have said no. Then I spent about a year trying to deprogram Paultards and another year trying to deprogram pro-McCain/pro-Palin Republicans suffering some sort of post-Bush Stockholm Syndrome. Basically I learned that there will always be enough people out there willing to believe almost anything and willing to go on the record with it. Which means that Bruno, Cohen's charming heartland tour of American homophobia, is bound to be incredible.

I'm willing to watch it because of this alone:
Sacha Baron Cohen Tries To Harm Ron Paul
Posted by Lew Rockwell at March 16, 2009 08:30 PM
According to Slate, Cohen's latest magnum opus consists of his tricking polite middle-class Southerners into embarrassing situations. Ha ha ha. Hey, wasn't that his earlier movie? Yeah. That's his deceitful shtick. Last time, he creeped out Bob Barr. This time, his target was one of the few congressmen in history to deserve the title honorable, the actual gentleman from Texas, Ron Paul, who was placed into an interview with an alleged Austrian TV network.

The leftist Cohen, playing a gay newsguy, dropped his pants. Ron stalked out, noting the guy's orientation.* The intent was to harm Ron, but who can blame the well-mannered doctor for such a comment under such lies and stress?
Of all people, Lew Rockwell ought to know that Dr. Ron Paul doesn't really need anyone's help to harm himself. After all, it was Ron who gratefully let Lew write all those virulently homophobic and racist Ron Paul Survival Reports under his own name (without his knowledge, of course). You know, classic stuff that The New Republic summarized thus:
Surprisingly, one item expressed ambivalence about the contentious issue of gays in the military, but ultimately concluded, "Homosexuals, if admitted, should be put in a special category and not allowed in close physical contact with heterosexuals."

The newsletters were particularly obsessed with AIDS, "a politically protected disease thanks to payola and the influence of the homosexual lobby," and used it as a rhetorical club to beat gay people in general. In 1990, one newsletter approvingly quoted "a well-known Libertarian editor" as saying, "The ACT-UP slogan, on stickers plastered all over Manhattan, is 'Silence = Death.' But shouldn't it be 'Sodomy = Death'?" Readers were warned to avoid blood transfusions because gays were trying to "poison the blood supply."
Given all that, the question one should ask is, in what way did Lew think a gay person was going to harm Ron Paul? Was it by trying to embarrass him politically? After all, according to the Slate article, "As Paul is walking away, you can hear him say, several times, something like, 'This guy is a queer!' 'The word queer comes out of his mouth three or four times,' says an attendee."

Or maybe Lew was more worried that Cohen might open a vein and start raining "homo" all over Ron. As a doctor, Ron should be expected to know that "homo" is non-communicable. Then again, as a doctor, he recommends drinking silver to cure infection and disbanding the fucking Food and Drug Administration. So who knows? Maybe he still thinks they're all trying to kill REAL Americans with AIDS. From within.

Either way, I can't wait to see this movie.

* — It should be noted that, considering this is written by and about two unregenerate anti-Semites, it's entirely possible that good old Ron stalked out because he saw an uncircumcised European penis and was immediately terrified that his Christian blood would be drunk in a Passover celebration or that he would be enchanted by Cohen's "Jew Eyes" into suddenly liking the New World Order's front organization, The United Nations.

Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that the truly awesome thing about both Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul is that you can never really be certain in which hateful and utterly appalling way they're being complete human shit.