Monday, June 3, 2013

SBNation: I Watched Every 'Fast and Furious' Movie in a Day

Well, strictly speaking, not every Fast and Furious movie. It took another day to be able to see the sixth one. But, for one thirteen-hour period, I watched the first five Fast and Furious movies in a row, for the first time. It was a journey of discovery and endurance. And, despite beginning under such silly and inauspicious circumstances, it was my pleasure.

Click the pic to continue to the article at SBNation:

Also, immense thanks to Graey Dave for making the intro the intro.


  1. Bummer the posts have dried up again

    1. Thanks. I know. General Gandhi moved and is currently working two jobs and about two weeks ago watched a dude take a header off a 20-story bank building. I've been moving house for two weeks and haven't had a spare moment since then. We'll fix it.


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