Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cordial Greetings to 45 Pocket Toys of Death Merchants

Yesterday, the US Senate killed even a candyass, quintessentially senatorial approach to gun control. You could have cocked a single eye at the television with lid at half mast while falling into a K-hole and still had enough situational awareness to be furious at the lobbyist capture of our most venerated, sclerotic chamber full of war profiteering racists, foot-draggers and bozos. This was, after all, nothing new.

Yesterday's vote—against a treacly version of measures supported by 90% of the American people and even a majority of gun owners—had the virtue of malicious consistency. The essence of its unconcern was obvious to all because it came as a fulfillment of fate. In the face of real, existential problems, the United States Senate can be relied upon to sublimely split the difference between the cruelest act and the least difficult. In Washington, the blood rolls downhill.

Yet just because something is obvious or foreordained does not spare it from outrage. Given how far away it's possible to see stupidity coming only makes it that much worse when it inevitably arrives. As such, it's probably not terribly surprising to see people tackily lusting for violence. Especially when a walking anti-Habsburgian chin deformity like Mitch McConnell uses his Facebook page to do the public policy equivalent of "u mad, bro?" trolling about the tryhard epic "care" of people who have negative attitudes toward human flesh being torn apart ballistically.

Now, it would be easy to stop at hoping to see someone whaling fist-wise on McConnell's smug face, but that's not how we do things here. If anything, we have a foolish dedication to relentless, unhealthy completism. That's why, when people like me were only too happy to nod off on the couch to Netflixed TV series, our intrepid Managing Editor General Rehavam Ze'evi took to Twitter to personally insult every Senatorial shitsack who voted to kill even a moderate gun control bill amendment.

He does the work so you don't have to. Many thanks to Twitter user @Vrunt for creating this Storify. Enjoy.