Thursday, January 22, 2009

Youtube Doubler: In the Right Hands, It's Art

My stomach feels like it's ripping in two, but I can't stop watching a youtubedoubler. (Click the image below to view.) I didn't make it, so I can't take credit for it. There you go.

And, since this entry feels a little empty, see if you can figure out what the fuck is happening in the picture itself.

Post explanations, please:


  1. Groomsmen, receives wedding present in the nick of time from UPS. UPS man attempts impromptu route, miscalculates, groomsmen sees photo opportunity (and also likes to present gifts unwrapped?)


    Prom. Arrival of date with returned borrowed item. Teens who had forethought to create random image while there was time.

  2. i know this guy and the photographer. the picture is taken in illinois when one of the rivers floaded. the guy in the picture was getting ready for prom when this UPS truck started to get sucked into the flooding river. the driver had abandoned it, so he and the photographer looted the truck, but only to find a sewing machine left as it was the end of the day. here they are presenting their spoils in front of the sunken truck.


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