Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DEADSPIN: Boozy B-Roll at the Dais

A couple of weeks back, the incoming Editor-in-Chief of Deadspin, Tommy Craggs, asked me to add a few lines to a roast for outgoing editor AJ Daulerio, who has taken over the top job at Gawker. You may know Gawker as the internet's premier news resource for things people from SomethingAwful.com did the night before on Twitter.

You can imagine my reaction, which was to send my laptop table flying, throw my highball glass over my shoulder and drive from bar to bar in my town, ordering drinks and responding to requests for payment with, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" It was a mistake not to wait a bit for the piece to go viral.

Click the nightmare vision of AJ to check it out:

As far as gigs go, unpaid heckler for people with actual careers isn't all that bad, especially when it comes with the psychic compensation of this much fame. If I can keep this meteoric rise going, I'll be gunning for Ruth Buzzi's roastmaster job in just years' time.


  1. Gawker: also the Internet's premier news resource for links to Mr. Desctructo articles:

    1. Oh, hello, Tasting Cup. Why I do believe I retweeted the author's link to that today. Also, two links all time is hardly a galaxy. Let me talk to Kwan.

  2. Ruth Buzzi references. BOOM


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