Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meet the Craziest Woman in the World with the Most Compulsively Readable Blog in the Universe

(For more excerpts and a follow-up, see Part II.)

I want you to meet The Next Big Thing, an amazing woman named Amy Steele. This morning, she was virtually unknown outside friends, family and co-workers. But by noon, a few hundred people knew about her because a (fed up?) co-worker sent out a mass email linking to her blog, Brian Schofer: Emotionless Engineer, a near daily vituperative and unhinged attack on — and desperate beseeching of — her eponymous ex-boyfriend.

From there, a friend of one of one of those friends (contributor Mr. Awesome) passed the link on to me. Just this afternoon, clicking back and reading more entries, I watched as her presence on Google search results expanded by an order of magnitude, as her blog blew up on Reddit, and her blog followers went from zero to whatever it is now.

Amy is fascinating. Amy is compelling. Come, meet Amy.

Yes, she's real. While this blog itself seems like it could be a delicious hoax, I believe my friend that she exists. She also maintains or is a member of three other blogs, one of which updates fairly regularly and has archives going back three years. Given that she is obviously completely insane and that one of those blogs is devoted to the new millennium's favorite pastime of shut-in catladies — posting daily book-blog memes — it makes her overall story seem legit. Book-blog meme clubs are the new version of webrings devoted to miscarried fetuses.

Besides that, who is Amy Steele?—aside from someone who is vindictive, dedicated, slightly aware of how to make people's names appear on Google web searches, and apparently gifted with a surfeit of free time? Well, evidently she has a graduate degree in journalism, something she crows about on multiple occasions. This claimed familiarity with being a daily hack leads her to end a blog post with "--30--" yet fails to spot multiple misspellings, usage errors and embarrassments like "ying-yang." She claims to have been published in a major NY magazine and to have interviewed dozens of famous bands, but she doesn't provide links to those. Anonymity can't be an issue, because she puts her name on virtually everything else, including the blog where she writes about cleaning up shit, pubes and cum from her ex-boyfriend, the Emotionless Engineer.

She's a proud Boston urbanite but happy to namedrop growing up in Acton. The urge to be a bohemian city gal clashes with what's likely an ingrained means of ridicule for her: class. Sorry, Natick! She loves eating in great restaurants and attending the theater. In fact, she knows all the best restaurants and arts venues in Boston. SHE DOES NOT KNOW THE BAD ONES, AND THERE ARE NOT ACTUALLY GOOD ONES THAT SHE DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT. If Amy has not heard of it, why have you? Wait, lemme guess—Natick, right? Pfffffff.

Amy's failed at many of the things she's attempted, losing multiple jobs and abandoning careers. In fairness, many of those were probably lost to the preexisting emotional and mental issues she suffers, as people generally don't like crazy doing things around them. Especially if crazy's a nurse. However, that Cupid didn't fire a little caduceus into someone and make the nurse thing come true seems a little cruel, if only because it would put her much closer to the massive stores of brain medicine she clearly already takes in insufficient doses.

Also, Amy gives just a siiiiiick hummer. And a handy.

But, look, don't take my word for it. Below I've excerpted the "greatest hits" of Amy's blog, in some cases just cutting down to the only sentence you need to read. All links go to the relevant posts. Everyone, please enjoy. Amy, please remember that, even for a few hours, I knew you before you were famous.

Amy begins the blog with a long piece that essentially treats the process of dating an engineer as being a lot like housebreaking a dog. The interesting thing is that I don't think she at any point realizes that she is the dog. Much fun is made of how engineers cannot function like normal human beings, but as her snark piles up, it becomes increasingly obvious that she alters her behaviors, needs and expectations to accommodate her engineer in every fundamental way you can possibly imagine:
How to Date an Engineer in Mass. Suburbs
I think within minutes I asked him if he were an engineer. Later he told me, laughing, that he was the only guy in Bill’s Bar with a collared shirt. True but I still could pick an engineer out of I crowd. At least I thought I could after hanging out with MIT guys while at a women’s college...

Before I knew it we were exclusively dating and I found myself driving out past the town I grew up to a place I never thought I’d be in again after I finished riding horses and attending pony club meetings...

You’re 30-years-old and you can’t decide to purge the bacon on your own. Remember how easy it was to stick a finger down your throat in college when you drank too much honey?...

He learned how to give me an orgasm during oral in under five minutes. Okay, great you’re saying. Wow, even. Wrong. If I did not reach orgasm in that five-minute span, he would give up and I would be left hanging.

This second piece got posted twice, days apart. Amy tends to rewrite the same complaints in the exact same language over and over, but this is a copy/paste job:
To the guy who broke my heart: Brian Schofer (twice)
We have a nice ying-yang to our relationship. We balance each other off. I'm liberal and you are conservative. I'm an extrovert and you're an introvert. I'm an urbanite and you're a suburbanite...

Did she ride horses competitively, ski, and grow up in middle class Acton?

Has she worked on more than seven political campaigns [including President Obama, President Clinton, Senator Kerry]?

these are just some of the reasons you were FRIENDS WITH ME. I am CREATIVE and CARING but apparently engineers want to be with a SAFE and PREDICTABLE with an insurance rep. you know I introduced you to many things you never would have even done and places you never would have gone if you hadn't been friends with me.

This next one could just be retitled "A Brief List of Ways to Not Get It":
B thinks I am a "LOUSY" friend
He tells me: “your actions can always disappoint me.”

He can list all the jobs I was fired from better than I can. He can't list ONE position I held that I liked [biotech company, HBS for first few years, MAH]

He walks five paces ahead and refuses to slow down.

When I say, “I love you,” he remains silent or says, “I know.”

He doesn’t list me as an emergency contact.

I am not programmed into his cell phone (or email) address book.
That piece ends with a complaint about how Brian thinks her Master's Degree in journalism is useless, which ordinarily would be a more substantive point if she could manage anything like basic noun-pronoun agreement.

Here, please learn things about Brian's dick:
Brian Schofer and The Handy J
Brian loves boobs. Loves to suck them, lick them, stroke and pinch my nipples etc and I have big ones: 36C. Usually while I gave him a Handy J, he’d lick and suck my tits [thus the reason he would be on top while I gave him a handy J—boob access]. I would lube him up and off I’d go. [I am not giving away my special techniques and secrets. You can figure them out on your on but mine work! Guys really dig them]. I would keep going—stroking in my special style, fondling his balls and letting him suck my tits until he would finally cum.

The one part of this title that you would probably care about isn't true:
Please just dump all my stuff on the front lawn in the snow. That's fine. My mother will deal with it.

I apologize for breaking the back window and trying to get into your house to get some of my things.

I'm not making excuses but my new psychiatrist believes I've been on the WRONG MEDS for a year.
The nonchalance with which she mentions, "Mom'll take care of it," makes me picture some pendulous-breasted and beaten-down female version of Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction, some poor woman doomed to be too effective at fixing problems that shouldn't exist.

This post should probably be read in its entirety, because the whole thing is a revelation:
Why this site is back up.
He doesn't care. He just doesn't care. He told me today that "there's nothing you have to say that I want to hear." He didn't "want me for a friend." Ten years? Nice. I only showed him all the best restaurants and cultural spots in Boston and Cambridge but the truth is the girl who grew up riding horses competitively is too cool for a working class guy from Natick, Mass.

Here's what I did:
I put up this site and these posts [many are very sweet].

I dumped my pony's manure in his driveway and left a note that said: "If you treat me like shit, you get shit" [paraphrase]

I filled up his VM with phone calls.

I tried to break into his house to get some of my stuff and I have a huge scar on my wrist because my hand went through the window. I told him about it immediately. I could have just let him think someone else did it.

I hung a barbie from his new Prius with a bag around her neck.

I tried to cancel his BHH reservation for NYE b/c I had stayed there with him five times and didn't want him staying with someone else.

to be his friend he said I had to:

stop posting things about him
stop calling his relatives
stop emailing him, calling him and texting him more than once a day ("you get one.")
stop coming to my house
stop coming to my work

Oh, he also YELLED at me again for "calling his relatives." Well 1. I called his brother b/c I knew he had gone there. No one picked up. If no one picked up. Does it count. 2. I called his house the other day because I didn't see his truck and worried about him [How would I know he FINALLY got the new Prius], so I called his house and his aunt, the just oh-so-friendly Barbara Ammarell of Boothbay, Maine answered. She hung up on me while I was in mid-sentence. I called back to say it was rude, she hung up again. I called again and like a child, she began beeping the numbers on the phone and I said, "That's not going to get rid of me. It doesn't bother me. It's just white trash."

It's almost a niggling distinction to make at this point, but people who have class are too classy to mention that other people don't.
Brian has no class
I don't know why you were left out of etiquette lesson as you were the middle child. You have no class just like everyone else from working class Natick
I kind of feel bad for Natick, which I admit I know next to nothing about. Imagine being a virtual nobody town-wise and then getting verbally whaled on by this lady? It's like showing up mid-semester at a new high school, about to make your first impression with new friends, and out of nowhere the kid who uses those metal crutches with the elbow supports comes flying at you and just totally houses you until you're screaming for another kid or a coach or a merciful God to rescue you.

I would totally watch an REO Speedwagon Youtube video put over pictures of Amy and samples of someone reading her blog.
Can't Fight You Anymore
I got so frustrated that you keep ignoring me and you don't want to be my friend anymore that I punched my hand through a glass window.

Ahahahahaha please bring me a souvenir back from ignoring me in a place different from the one in which you normally ignore me.
I know that many of the things I've done were wrong and unacceptable. My intent was never to hurt you. I hope that one day soon, you will forgive me. Perhaps in time to go to the member VIP event at the ICA? Maybe too soon. I know you need a break.

Please note the title of this blog entry, then read through to the next one.
I'm dating a guy now who constantly tells me how sexy I am and how great I am. You never said a thing. As soon as I saw him tonight, the first thing he told me is that I look nice. That's what you do with pretty, smart women.

Be an adult Brian.

Sexual Dysfunction
Brian takes a good 45 minutes to cum with oral sex and sometimes doesn't even come with intercourse: it's called sexual dysfunction. It's a problem/ issue. I KNOW I'm excellent at giving oral sex... I've been complimented so many times. Some guys have been totally blown away at my acumen at giving head.
It's amazing. It's like having no object permanence with the written word. A Master's, yes. Object permanence, no.

Think about value systems you have to create in life to not only blog about suicide in a way that minimizes it compared to the impact of reconnecting with a guy, yet also value reconnecting with him on an equal level with getting fucking fleece sweatpants with a brand-name on the ass.
Writing About Brian
If I plan to die soon, what incentive do I have not to write about Brian?

1. Brian will not forgive me.

2. Brian told me that my writing hurt him. This is a writer's dream and the ultimate compliment.

3. Brian will not even buy me a Paris MUG or Planet Hollywood sweats while in Vegas.
Also, way to really drill him with your words while asking for a favor. I remember that whole three page bit in De Profundis when Wilde just keeps hammering Bosie for not bringing back a bunch of Waterford crystal collectible bears.

It's sort of an interesting choice of things to rage about: not only does she make him aware of a piece she wrote in which she essentially infantilized him or made him seem as if he needed to be treated like an animal, she's angry he didn't see it sooner. It's the writing equivalent of pulling the, "Did you notice anything different?" tactic when a boyfriend walks into the room and, when he replies no, screaming, "I dinged your car last week!"
Verbally Abuse Me. Ignore Me. Silence.
You IGNORED me well before I started this website and posted ANYTHING. That Dating an Engineer piece is four-five years old and has been posted (with the name Brian) for a long, long time.

Of the many things that suck about Blogger, easily the first thing that comes to mind here is the absence of a ransom-note font.

Note: she is not referring to herself.
You are so spiteful, unforgiving and rotten
7. To make myself feel better, I punctured Brian's condoms with a pin and hope that he gets stuck with a child. He's be a miserable father. He barely likes children and cannot even talk to his nieces and nephews. Pathetic.

The coup de grâce:
I know Brian doesn't read this...

In case you don't, I'm sending you a hard copy.
I expect further developments on this story from to come exclusively from The Smoking Gun. Although, given the sudden explosion of fans Amy has received, as well as tweets about her, an explosive series of new posts may be imminent.

With that in mind, MrDestructo.com is neither responsible nor liable for any content on other sites or actions taken in a corporeal realm, including but not limited to words, deeds, ideas, images, and things implied by said means of communication, in addition to other forms of action or communication not involving the above methods, whether established or theoretical in nature.

UPDATE: (12:31 a.m. EST)
Amy deleted her blog. The links are now useless, but I'll leave them up as a good-faith gesture that something was there. Of course, the reason the blog had to come down wasn't her fault. True to form, it was Brian's. He allegedly posted her phone number "somewhere," but she didn't say where or post proof. Even more hysterically, she gave the fact that Brian is "ultra sensitive about private issues being made public" as another reason for taking the blog down, as if somehow her number being published would distress him much more than the fact that she'd spent months posting his full name, the name of his employer and his preferences regarding tittysucking Handy J interludes on a site owned and regularly crawled by Google. Then, in another classy act, again apparently consumed with privacy worries, she posted this:

Amy Steele: classy and victimized to the last. She'll be back, though. According to her Twitter, she and a friend are writing a book about dating.

UPDATE: (02/18/09 2:50 p.m. EST)
For more excerpts from Amy's deleted blog, as well as excerpts from a blog where she blames the Massachusetts Governor for institutionalizing her, please read this follow up.


  1. Too bad she took her blog down because there was legitimate target for a mass goatse-ing attack if there ever was one. Didn't Tony Soprano once have to have one of his goons stick a gun right in the face of one of these nutty-type chicks to finally get her to permanently fuck off?

    Not that she's wrong about engineers. I figured out right after high school that even the ones that weren't absolute nerds were usually absolute nuts. This opinion got cemented back when one fellow high school alum, who finished near the top of his structural engineering class five years later, got arrested back in Grade 9 for using a batch of his special "home brew" gunpowder mix to try to blow the soccer goal posts at a nearby school yard right up from out of the ground. I often recall the engineers I've met throughout my life, and usually have been totally horrified of, before I get too dismissive of 9/11 Truthers. If a bunch of seriously angry Muslims hadn't taken down the WTC then it'd be more than likely that a crazed engineer, drunk with power from conquering everyone in his World Of Warcraft circle and with black-velvet draped pictures of Kleibold and Harris permanently enshrined on one of his basement's walls, working under-the-table for Dick Cheney probably did. So fuck you too, Brian. Amy's a kook, but she's still too good for you.

    PS: 36C's own.

  2. So fuck you too, Brian. Amy's a kook, but she's still too good for you.

    PS: 36C's own.


  3. Probably the best thing I've ever read.
    She's crazy, but I feel sorry for her. She's obviously just really screwed up and probably feels a lot of pain (which is why she behaves so weirdly.) No perception of social consequence.

  4. Where's your real name? For someone criticizing me, you're a hypocrite and ludicrous.

    Some of the posts were written late at night and it's a bloody BLOG. I'm not trying to be the perfect writer on there. It was a way to vent to one person and about one person. Get it.

    I didn't know the book thing meme is about cat ladies. Only impotent men are afraid of them. How silly.

    If interested, here are links to a few of my recent published interviews:



  5. Also realize that you spent way more time on this ONE POST than I spent on the entire bevy of "daily" posts I wrote about my ex-FRIEND (platonic).

  6. I'm sorry I didn't see this until after Amy had deleted her blog. But, she tweeted a link to this post this morning. Huh.

    Classism is currently my favorite prejudice to hate, and classisms delineated by local geography are so sweet. After 8 years living in Boston, I can't tell you the difference between Natick and Acton - because as far as I'm concerned, if I can't get there on the T, it's fucking nowhere.

    While living in the USVI I learned that St.Thomians HATE St. Cruxians, and the situation is a perfect analog: anyone who isn't native just sees a bunch of people who look alike, bend the English language in the same way, and act like jerks. A Masshole is a Masshole, whether it spent its childhood shoveling expensive-pony shit or playing stickball in the warehouse district.

  7. So you're afraid to post comments by the actual "craziest woman in the world"?

  8. Where's your real name? For someone criticizing me, you're a hypocrite and ludicrous.
    I'm a hypocrite for writing pseudonymously while finding posting personal information online distasteful? How does that work exactly? Are you waving a meaty fist at the screen because you can't Google Earth the location of my house right now?

    Some of the posts were written late at night and it's a bloody BLOG. I'm not trying to be the perfect writer on there.
    Then presenting yourself as nearly as talented as such is a bad idea, isn't it? If you don't want people mocking your writing skills, either stop bending over forwards in an ourobourous of autofellatio over them or fucking proofread.

    I didn't know the book thing meme is about cat ladies. Only impotent men are afraid of them.
    Lol, dick joke. From here it's just a step to HuffPo's front page.

    (begins playing Tom Wait's "Straight to the Top" on a concertina, but the membrane blows out with a farting noise and the song wheezes to death)

    Also realize that you spent way more time on this ONE POST than I spent on the entire bevy of "daily" posts I wrote
    You managed to stretch less than 60 minutes out over the course of two months?

    Seriously, though, I admire that you immediately undermined everything you care about—precision, word choice, craft, basically anything to do with approaching writing even semi-seriously—because the only thing you can think of at the moment is a retread of the old "lol... effort..." burn.

    Also, congrats on opening your replies with an attempt to needle someone over alleged hypocrisy, then switching up to "lol, effort" when he's criticizing your literally spending months of your life posting full personal, identifying, defamatory and appallingly private details about another human being on a blog over the course of over 30 entries.

    Oh, speaking of which...

    about my ex-FRIEND (platonic).
    Excuse me, I'm outta gas and smokes, I'm just gonna head on up to the Handy J real quick before we get going.

    So you're afraid to post comments by the actual "craziest woman in the world"?
    No, lady, I realize this probably sounds weird, but I had shit to do and couldn't sit around all morning haunting the computer and wreaking vengeance because the word ghosts started making the angries at me.

  9. Crazy indeed. What a vindictive, spiteful bitch.

    Perhaps if she put her efforts into improving herself, she may have become a person that Brian still wanted to spend time with. Good for him for moving on. Sounds like this relationship was toxic for the both of them and someone had to be the ADULT and do the right thing.

    Amy, grow up, get a grip and be an ADULT yourself. You're chronic mental illness is an explanation for your behavior, but by no means an excuse. Get the help you need - finally - and move on. No wonder he wants nothing to do with you. Who can blame him?

  10. All the ladies be screaming DJ Han, DJ Han, DJ Han, DJ Han.

  11. This woman is a piece of work, to say the least. How could she possibly think her blog would get him to want her back in his life? If her mental illness is not so severe that she can hold a job in the medical industry (well, "hold" is a strong word since she appears to get fired all the time), then how can she not understand the consequences of her actions? If she's that eff'd up, she should be in an institution (and not claiming that she's an urbanite while living in the sticks of Massachusetts).

    It is priceless that she criticizes him for having no class, yet she doesn't seem to understand that her blog represents the exact opposite of someone with class. Practice what you preach, lead by example, etc.

    What a loser. No wonder she's alone.

    Men be warned: She has another blog where she calls someone out who decided he didn't want to go on a date with her by posting his name, phone number and a picture of him and his kid. This is not a woman you want to scorn so it's best to just stay far, far away. Unless of course you are desperate for a blow or hand job and are willing to risk being defamed on the internet for it.

  12. Poor Brian. On the bright side, since this went viral yesterday, he's certainly got all he needs for a restraining order. His company should get one, as well.

  13. "Bitch Wanna Lube My Cock Up" -- Brian Schofer and The Handy J (feat. T-Pain)

  14. Just a theory I'm willing to float here for now: Amy's libels come from her resentment that Brian is moving on, because Brian Schofer is a legitimate fuckmaster, a paragon of the pussy prestidigitation, able to idly flick a lady's sweet meat into puddles of quivering ecstasy without a second thought.

    I'm picturing Brian Schofer in my head right now, and all he's doing is literally dunking so fucking hard the rock shatters the asphalt on a public court.





  16. handy j? bitch I wouldn't let you lay hands if you was manifesting the Spirit at a prayer meeting and I was dying of cancer

  17. lol. Classic.

    The 'Engineer blog' is mirrored here:

  18. My goodness, this Brian guy must be like the COOLEST dude in the world. Why else would she go out of her way to do all this for him?

    There is a saying i read in a book somewhere that basically says ugly people will purposely put themselves in the way of good looking people just to get attention, whether that be by asking them stupid questions. Falling down in front of them, ect. All in attempts to get compassion and attention, no joke. The key is just avoid or ignore them and keep walking on since its just a cry for attention.

    Brian sounds like a levelheaded guy that saw a bad situation and avoided it before it costed him his life (aka crazy woman kills him, then self more than likely).

    Do us all a favor and just move on, except not on to someone else. You need to be alone and work on your shit with therapy and medication and let professionals decide when your ready.

  19. Well. That is why screwing the crazy bar fly chick when you are new to town is never a good idea.

  20. For real, she is not mentally unstable. She is just a self-centered jackass who can't face up to the reality that the world doesn't know she exists and doesn't care. Even now, after everyone reads about this, they still don't know her and still don't care; this whole episode/blog meme just represents the paradigm of that one self centered obnoxious lover that wouldn't leave you the hell alone and you had to hire a lawyer to get rid of. It doesn't represent a person. Nobody is a person on the internet.

  21. Amy reminds me of that greasy spoon waitress in "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" that Hunter's attorney harassed with the "back door beauty" note.

    Hey Amy, I've got an idea. How about you rub raw eggs and tomato sauce all over your big beautiful 36C's while I whack one off in my track pants? Does it work for you as much as it does for me, baby?

  22. amy seems a little INSANE

  23. This is awesome. I wish more people you wrote about would call you out for comment battles.

  24. I see she hasn't returned since you stomped this crazy lady into oblivion.

  25. Who knew that ponies could wreck so much havoc on the human psyche?

  26. You all need to lay off of Amy. I think she's amazing.

  27. Yeah, why isn't Crazy coming to her own defense? Is it because she finally realizes how horrid her actions were and now understands that she is a TERRIBLE person?!?!?!

  28. Oh ... I am usually quick to jump on the public-ridicule-bandwagon, but in this case, I think it's tantamount to bullying.

    We're not talking about a self-entitled princess who needs a reality check. Amy is clearly seriously mentally ill.

    Her obsession over detail, her retuning over and over to the same issues, her inability to self-reflect, her persecution fantasies, her paranoid rants - these are all worrying signs. The woman deserves sympathy - and medication, granted - not ridicule.

    I feel bad for Brian in some respects, but he's obviously been a total dick and taken advantage of a needy, codependent woman.

    Amy needs help. I only hope someone close to her recognises her symptoms and helps her out. She is probably an isolated, at-risk woman - have a heart.

  29. she said it herself... this is a classic case of borderline personality disorder.

  30. It's way too easy to make fun of someone like this. Do you laugh at kids with downs syndrome too?

  31. Laugh? Your post didn't even make me crack a smile.

  32. No, really, if I could be serious for a moment, yes.

  33. filtering knuckle draggin cretin my initial comment didnt appear..... LMAO you just been punked and roped into the world of insanity. Rational breed that cant realize the commentary and critique goes to an irrational woman.... LMAO again. pretty rational from all who called her insane cos what else you got more rants and raving over insanity hahahah.... how many mad people do you talk to in the streets????

  34. Whoa dude I don't even know what all those words mean man, are you some kind of word wizard?

  35. "LMAO again. pretty rational from all who called her insane cos what else you got more rants and raving over insanity hahahah...."


  36. "He's be a miserable father."

    Wow!!! With a crazy-ass stalker bitch as a mother and a lazy engineer(5 minute time limit for going down on a classy bitch.........pffft pussy!!!) for a father this kid could end up as the most ridiculously fucked up kid EVAR!!!! Make it happen God, make it happen!!!

  37. It is with a great deal of disappointment that after finding Writergal's writings online I find that she's killed her blog and protected her Tweets. She's quite fascinating and like many smart and creative people - she suffers from excessive bravery and no internal filter with absolutely no self preservation instinct. Kind of reminds me of Amy Winehouse with a brilliant intellect. Like a freight train she's zooming down the mountain and maybe can't stop. That's a shame. Try to put the brakes on Writergal, let it/him go and use that spark elsewhere. The literary criticism and discussions I was able to scan were golden and worthwhile. Don't spiral out.

  38. just followed the reddit mirror link, and saw the Feb 8, 2010 post:

    "You don't care if I get better through DBT in controlling my emotions because then you won't have the full power over me that you had in the past."

    DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy); a dead giveaway that she has borderline personality disorder.

    All mysteries solved.

  39. For being such a literary snob, I would think she would know how to spell the titles of her favorite books, like "A Separate Peace" (which she has listed as "A Separate Piece").-Yeah...nice work.

  40. I am usually quick to jump on the public-ridicule-bandwagon, but in this case, I think it's tantamount to bullying. We're not talking about a self-entitled princess who needs a reality check. Amy is clearly seriously mentally ill.
    I see where you're coming from and am amenable to agreeing to disagree. Part of my willingness to post this definitely comes from constant exposure to internet users' over-self-diagnosis as well as rational and intelligent individuals' running to the internet in search of validation for behaviors deliberately engaged in, then retreating to the cover of mental illness when judged harshly for those behaviors. The presumption is of rectitude and the immediate excuse when gainsaid is that all of it came from "my aspergers" or "my being slightly bi-polar... my mom has it, so I probably do."

    Is this lady ill? Yeah. Is she a jerk? Yeah. But I guess my feeling is that the latter is not solely caused by the former.

    Amy's interests, judging from her conduct, are threefold:

    1. To extort behavior she desires from someone she desires.
    2. To humiliate him if he doesn't comply.
    3. To blame him for his non-compliance.

    The thing is, only #2 can be legitimately dismissed with "I was crazy at the time." Both the first and third require method, determination and, above all, sanity. The third part is the most telling. Notice how every time Brian Schofer does something wrong, it is enumerated and catalogued as his misbehavior, something he did wrongly in a clear mental state; every time Amy does something wrong, she was off-meds or he made her do it. This is a perfect example of having it both ways. She knows to excuse her behavior when she does wrong; when someone else does it, the fault is solely his own. Amy is always crazy when she fucks up; and when other people fuck up, their agency for doing so is solely theirs, irrespective of her conduct, divorced from her actions, the inspiration and execution and responsibility of a foul second-party to whom she was only witness and of whom she was merely victim.

    She is not unaware of how to work this dichotomy. I can't document it to you, because I don't have a movie file on hand called "The Internet as I Watched it.avi," but as soon as Brian Schofer or someone purporting to be him created a Twitter and started arguing with her, she brought her whole Brian Schofer blog back online instantly. Despite this post, and despite the follow-up piece, despite criticisms she received on Twitter and on her own site, despite any public shaming at all, she vengefully brought that blog back online the instant she was gainsaid. Even though she claimed she took it down to protect his privacy (after posting every relevant detail of his personal information). Then, when the Brian Schofer Twitter's author announced he was deleting his feed after posting a few times to defend himself, she took her blog back down again.

  41. For someone incapable of proper socialization due to mental illness, she seems acutely aware of how best to position herself, how to minimize avenues of critique against her, how to reduce others' ability to access content that impugns her and how to argue back and slam someone while diminishing her accountability. What accountability?—her blog isn't there anymore (status: pending on the next time she needs it), and anyway, she's crazy. Right?

    Just remember that when she's in the right, she's perfectly sane. When she looks bad, she was crazy at the time.

    This sort of demeaning thing permeates her writing outside of Brian Schofer. For instance, her obnoxious class-consciousness isn't a condition. Crowing about her achievements likely isn't either. There's nothing in the Physician's Desk Reference about being better for having a Master's or not coming from Natick. Those are learned social prejudices whose employment we discover hurts other people within the context of the society we or they join, which suggests an awareness of the worth of group judgments and group dynamics. Amy loves a high horse. Also, Crazy Horse. Just tell her situationally which one she should mount up on. Amy is basically a sociopath.

    Finally, it seems fairly obvious from the way she infantilized her engineer and believed he would never get another woman that there's a lot of resentment here that a toy she presumed she'd always be able to take or leave finally left her. It's the sort of anger that comes from being rejected when you presume that only you were the one able to dictate terms or do the rejecting. Notice how many times she crows about her sexual conquests while depicting him as a gormless twit about women and pleasure. It's clear that, in her conception of him, he could never find a woman who wasn't as patient and expert as she is. That he's found another woman who is not her is explosively unacceptable. Riffing off a theme I went into in thefollow-up piece, there's this whole sense of the expectation of sexual entitlement here, where the occasional good-time girl presumed herself to be the totality of someone else's sexual universe, found out she was wrong, then raged against both inevitability and sense.

    I think this covers it.

    Although, again, I will say that any empathy I might have for her and her condition is totally eroded by the fact that she basically destroyed a dude's reputation forever on a site constantly crawled by Google, dragged his business into it, mentioned his home life, talked about his penis, broke into his house, stole his car, dumped shit in his driveway, then took down the blog about it and also put it back up whenever it proved most suitable to her own interests.

    She's not helpless

  42. Mr. Destructo, you are my hero. I'm sick and tired of people making excuses for her because she's "mentally ill." While I do not disagree that she has a mental condition, it doesn't mean she isn't a horrible person too. Thank you!!!

  43. If the people tweeting in reply to her are any indication,

    in the last few days she has:
    1. lost her job
    2. issued a plea for assisance re-writing her resume
    3. started back on clonopin & diet coke
    4. had the police visit (don't let them on your property without a warrant!)
    5. someone thinks his new girlfriend must be jealous of her.

  44. It's a good post and I did laugh at the whole thing, but I do feel a little bad about it. I'd just note that not all forms of mental illness imply poor socialization. Improper socialization (as Amy certainly displays) can be just as problematic.

    Which is of course not to defend her behavior, but causation and responsibility are sorta hard questions in any sense. Whatever, I guess I hope feeling sorry for Amy isn't incompatible with laughing at her.

    Great blog etc,

  45. Whatever, I guess I hope feeling sorry for Amy isn't incompatible with laughing at her.

    Well said. And thanks.

  46. Looks like Amy made her Twitter feed public again. She's crying out for sympathy. Some guy stood her up the other night and the only possible explanation is that he was in a serious car accident and he's in the hospital somewhere unable to reach her. Either that or he googled her.

  47. Should introduce her to Casey Serin.

    World's craziest blogger meets world's most hated imbecile.

  48. Amy Steele has been fun. I thought I was past this piece, but coming back here whenever people randomly discover this piece and comment about it is getting to be kind of a drag. Like the Pacino line from Godfather III. As much as I welcome comments and think it's wonderful that people want to offer them, there comes an obvious discussion point where all the praise and objections can be raised. After that, people merely offer new avatars of the same complaint, new phrasing or keywords for a baseline critique. Addressing the same again and then again takes away attention from trying to do new things. Time to move on. Those committed enough to outrage or disgust — and not, say, being seen expressing them — still have the recourse of email. In all other respects, this topic is done.