Friday, June 5, 2009

The Drunken Bro-Face of 21st Century Zionism Calls out Obama

"White power, fuck the niggers."
"He deserves to get shot."
"We're not gonna take any Nazi bullshit."
"All I gotta say is I want pussy."

"Oh, he's a muslim for sure, and who knows if he was even born in the United States. We haven't seen his birth certificate yet. Bullshit! He's not from the US. He's, like, a terrorist.... I'm a political science major so, like—"
"So you know your shit."
"I know my shit."
"Do you know who Benjamin Netanyahu is?"
"No.... I don't know who he is. Who's Benjamin Yahoo?"


  1. This just makes me want to move to Israel - I never got my bro-time in college, and with the size of my nose I could easily pass as a native. I WANT PUSSY.

  2. Hahaha, look at this entitled liberal. You'd probably save up your money for a year to backpack through France and drink $5 wine and probably badmouth George Bush. Why don't you act like a real American. Have a huge house out in Westchester County, have Daddy send you to Israel for the summer, do Jagerbombs with some bitches and call for the President to get shot because he's a black muslim terrorist. Maybe you'd have had more success trolling for pussy in college if you hadn't been busy wearing the American Flag as a diaper and a blue-collar worker hung in effigy on a small string noose around your neck.


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